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Sportpesa mega jackpot results

Welcome to SportPesa RESULTS
Great news for everyone! Everybody, who likes betting, can get a super win with the Sportpesa twice per week. It’s the biggest winning Sportpesa and a real chance for those who likes sport games to earn big money on bets.
Sportpesa jackpot results are announced in midweek. And Sportpesa mega jackpot results are announced in weekends. But you can get the Sportpesa games today results beforehand. All that you need to do for this is just to learn how to access truthy jackpot’s and megajackpot’s predictions by SMS.

Sportpesa mega jackpot results

How to get the Sportpesa jackpot results?

Getting of Sportpesa jackpot results is the actually legal and reliable way to win a super prize with a solid amount in Kenya. You can order the Sportpesa games today results, if you will use a special offer to buy a package of a forecasts. You will get the results and Sportpesa mega jackpot bonuses – free matches and must win odds.
There are the most popular packages, that ensure mjp winning
· for 42 days – The Elite package, that costs only KSH.1000;
· for 35 days – The Business package, that costs only KSH.800;
· for 28 days – The Diamond package, that costs only KSH. 650;
· for 21 days – The Heartworth package, that costs only KSH. 500;
· for 14 days – The Economy package, that costs only KSH. 350;
· for 7 days – The Lite package, that costs only KSH. 250.

What you have to do for getting one of this?

Foremost you can order a premium packages with the results and bonuses by phone. Just take a phone number at the website and pay the required amount. In this case you will receive an unique SMS with a link on the login page.
At the login page mpesa for your own account there will be:
· premium odds,
· free bonus matches,
· must-win codes,
· forecasts for midweek jackpot and weekly megajackpot.
The larger premium package, the more winning opportunities.
The prediction will be sent after the payment immediately. That is the easiest way to earn money in the Sportpesa jackpot results and bonuses in Kenya! And you can join as simply as possible. Take that chance to regain your fortune, if you are tired of bringing up the rear and losing money from a deposit.

Sportpesa today result

Are there any other ways to get the prediction of the games results?

In addition, you may take the prediction without the premium package. If you want to advantage of the propose, just pay KSH. 120 to the same phone number. And the predictor will send the win prognostication, based on the games analysis, in SMS.
Try this excellent money making opportunity by taking bet for super cup or any other extraordinary and usual matches played by your favorite team. Get now your game’s result prediction in the most convenient way to earn easy money on your gambling bill.

Yesterday they were poor, but now they have millions on their bills

Find out more about winners mega-jackpots and mid-week jackpots in The Sportpesa in Kenya, who also received winning predictions via SMS in the similar way.
The most famous winner of mjp is Samuel Abisai. He was 28-old, when he made 17 of 17 correct predictions of games at week. So, he won more than KSH. 200 millions!
There are women in the list of jackpots winners too. For example, this year Violet Wandaho Gathu, 30, won KSH 27 millions. Before she made wins sports bets and made correct prediction, she has lost her job and money. But now she got a big account to invest in her own business.

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