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Sportpesa mega jackpot bonuses

Sportpesa mega jackpot bonuses is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to win a huge amount on your favorite games on the largest platform sport betting in Kenya. There are a lot of players who tried their luck on the correct prediction won Sportpesa jackpot bonuses of the sports matches’ results.

Welcome to Sportpesa Mega Jackpot

Sign up to Sportpesa to get a jackpot bonus now!

You can register for Sportpesa right now and get the opportunity to become one of the lucky ones, each of whom became the winner and got the chance to change his life and invest money in own new thriving business. Some of them are the last week Sportpesa mega jackpot bonus winners!
To get a chance to win a Sportpesa jackpot bonus, you must complete only two simple conditions.
The first. You need to register on the official website of Sportpesa in Kenya.
The second. During the week you need to make the correct predictions of the sports results.
Take attention, that you have to do correct predictions only for football matches. Everybody who made correct predictions won on bets. Remember, each correct prediction increases your chances to win Sportpesa jackpot bonus.

Sign up to Sportpesa to get a jackpot bonus now!

Three ways to register on Sportpesa official site for betting and taking part in the winning of the Sportpesa bonus prizes

For taking part in the winning of the Sportpesa mega jackpot bonuses, you may use one of the convenient ways of SportPesa register.

1. Registration on the site.

To register on the Sportpesa website, you need to click «Register Now». The button located on the right in the upper corner of the page. In addition, this button is in the left vertical menu.
The next step is to fill out two forms. On registration forms you must provide real information:

  • Login
  • Password,
  • Phone number,
  • Passport Information.

After that you need to sign an agreement with the terms of use of the site. And also confirm that your age is over 18 years.
After completing all these steps, you will receive an SMS to the phone number wrote in the registration form. All that excludes you from participating in the Sportpesa weekly jackpot bonus is a special SMS code that you must enter on the website to confirm the registration.
In addition, you will need to determine the method of financial calculations for depositing money into the account and getting the winnings from the bets. And maybe even the jackpot bonus.

2. Registration by phone

It is also a very simple and reliable way to become a member of the Sportpesa gambling platform. If you click the printer icon on the jackpot line on the website, you will see a coupon with print offers. A registration procedure via SMS will appear at the top of the form.
They invite player to read the terms of use on the official resource. Then confirm his consent by sending an SMS to the specified number.
Then the player receives a message with the data of the bookmaker, as the password and payment account of the mobile operator.
Using this data, you can join the game on the site. And become a member of weekly Sportpesa bonus prizes and jackpots, which have never dropped below 10 million Kenyan shillings.

3. Download the mobile app.

You can make it even easier. Just download the Sportpesa app mobile for your smartphone and register on.
The only advice, that is not yet voiced, but which is very important: always indicate only true information in the registration forms. In another case, there will be problems in funds withdrawing from a gaming account. And even more – when you will win the Sportpesa jackpot bonus this week.

How to win a bonus mega jackpot Sportpesa

How to win a bonus mega jackpot Sportpesa

It is very easy! All you have to do is try to predict the correct results of football games as much as possible. The bookmaker tried to simplify the participation conditions for the players and make the odds of winning the highest in Kenya.
The first. There are only bets for football games in competition for the jackpot bonuses. That means that you don’t need to analyze the statistics of many sports to become a millionaire. It is good enough to understand only one sport – football. Thus, the football fans have real chances to win a bonus in the mega-jackpot and radically change their lives.
The second. There are only three betting options: the victory of home team, guests or a draw. This means that no matter which option you choose for each match, your chances of a correct forecasts will be 1: 3 in any case. This is actually a very high chance of making a correct prediction and winning the jackpot bonus at last.
The third. The list of the matches has already been made. So, you don’t need to choose between the most probable predictions of events by scores, as other bookmakers offer, when they promise bonuses for players. In the SportPesa mega jackpot bonuses this week are transparent and super beneficial for every one of the players.
The forth. There is a double chance to win!
In case you correctly predict the results of 13 matches, your jackpot bonus will be more than 50 million Kenyan shillings.
If you correctly predict the results of 17 matches, your mega jackpot bonus will exceed hundreds million Kenyan shillings.
The fifth. Among other things, there is a great opportunity to get a cash prize for those who came very close to correctly predict the jackpot bonus, but could not make all the predictions right. Such players will receive high payouts anyway. And the closer each of them was to victory, the higher the amount of the additional bonuses.
Such favorable and clear conditions leave no doubt that everyone can bet on Sportpesa and win the jackpot bonus. But even more convincing are the success stories and comments of Kenyans, who have already become winners and received from SportPesa huge checks in jackpot bonuses.

Last week Sportpesa mega jackpot bonus winners

These are the lucky ones who yesterday considered themselves poor, but they received excellent opportunities to spur luck on the Jackpot Sportpesa bonus and during last week they became millionaires!
Since the jackpot competition restarts every week, at least two people have a chance to get more than hundreds millions of Kenyan shillings in the Sportpesa jackpot bonus this week and every other week.
Easy to calculate that the yearly number of winners is more than a hundred people. And your name can also be among the names of these lucky ones. All you need to do is register on the Sportpesa website and start making sports bets with high odds. And, of course, take part in the weekly jackpot and mega jackpot bonus Sportpesa.

Famous winners who received a bonus Sportpesa jackpot

Famous winners who received a bonus Sportpesa jackpot

Not every winner wants to be a public person. And this is understandable for several reasons. Someone just stunned by the fact that after a week he turned from poor Kenyan into a real millionaire. Someone has some concerns to declare their winnings, because money loves silence. And someone is too shy to promote himself.
Others have become real celebrities and examples for thousands of other Kenyans who haven’t lost hope of earning a few million shillings at sports betting.
Let’s remember the most famous winners who received bonuses with mega jackpot and jackpot bonuses prize, and follow their brilliant example!
Samuel Abisay, correct prediction for 17 games, Sportpesa bonus KSH 221,301,602.
Ahmed Ali, correct forecast for 13 games, bonus Jackpot Sportpesa KSH 41,152,246.
Violet Wandaho Gathu correctly predicted the Sportpesa jackpot results for 13 games, and received the bonus Sporpesa jackpot KSH 27,246,319.
Register on the official website of Sportpesa to become the new owner of a solid check from the best bookmaker of Kenya!

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