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Sportpesa mega jackpot Kenya

Kenya: Sportpesa mega jackpot

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Are you tired of losing money in betting? Stop being discouraged! There is the best way of money making is Sportpesa mega jackpot!

There are two big sport betting events per week:

  • Sportpesa jackpot – the results are known in midweek;
  • Sportpesa mega jackpot – the results are known in weekend.

What do you have to do to become the Sportpesa jackpot winner? It’s very simple. All you need is to make a prediction for sports games, that are played during the week.

Everyone can win the Sportpesa jackpot!

Sportpesa is widely known in Kenya as a gambling company that supports the development of sports. It also provides a real opportunity for all people to become millionaires in a matter of days! And already many men and women took advantage of this wonderful chance and put their dream into reality. And for this they only needed to make sports bets on this electronic platform at high odds. Also participate in the jackpot to win a really large amount right away. Dozens of lucky ones have already received a substantial deposit to their bank account thanks to the Sportpesa jackpot.

How does it work in Sportpesa?

Sportpesa Kenya Mega Jackpot

It is no secret that many such companies hold various promotions, offering customers Sportpesa mega jackpot bonuses, prizes and sweepstakes. So, what makes Sportpesa different from them?

  • This company operates completely transparently;
  • Jackpot runs weekly. It is cumulative. Therefore, it runs until one of the participants win;
  • The names of the jackpot winners are widely reported, the award is always held in public;
  • The winners can take the financial literacy course is held conducted by Sportpesa, so that they cannot quickly lose the capital, but can increase it.

That is why this company has gained wide popularity and trust. and today he works in 5 countries in Africa and Europe.

The jackpot can receive only those who predict the result of 13 matches. Correctly predicted result guarantees victory. But each one who close to this figure also can take a special prize. Because the Sportpesa supports its members. And those who call at least 12 correct results in advance receive a promotional cash prize. And this is also a lot of money.

So, everyone can win a jackpot and become a millionaire. The main thing is to believe in luck and continue sportsbetting

Correct predictions Sportpesa is a key for winning

More recently, another winner of the Sportpesa has become known. He is kenyan politician Cosmas Korir. Now he manages agriculture in West Pokot County, Kenya. And his political career does not prevent him from engaging in such an interesting and profitable business as sports betting. Having made a good prediction for games, this lucky man won a super prize – over KSH 208 million. He was informed about his amazing winning by the organizers immediately after the summing up of the final mega-jackpot.

If you are able to predict results of sports games, you can win Sportpesa jack pot

And just recently unemployed, Violet Wandaho Gato, became another mega jackpot winner in Kenya. She is a qualified financier. But lost her job in the banking sector. However, the girl did not despair. And she tried her luck in the sport gambling company Sportpesa. She made correct prediction for 13 games in a week. And so she could become the owner of a check for over KSH 27 million on the mid-week jackpot.

Sportpesa jackpot analysis and must-win predictions

But how become one of these lucky ones? Maybe they really were lucky? Or, besides a happy occasion, they were helped by clear calculations and analysis. This can be done by yourself, if you have enough deep knowledge in sports. But if you are not a real sports expert, you can use the services of special sites that offer their predictions of the results of games. These predictions are based on in-depth analysis and statistics of previous matches. You can find Sportpesa livescore and use such tips completely legally – this trick will not adversely affect the receipt of winnings.
To get a forecast, you can use a special premium package to access information about possible results of sports matches. On special sites there are offers include the transfer of amount to the specified account. As soon as the money is transferred, the player will receive an SMS with a link to the personal page on site. It displays predictions and also gives you the opportunity to make bonus bets in selected games. It all depends on the conditions of the package that the player buys.

There are one-time predictions also. For this you need to send the required amount to a special account – just about KSH 120, and get a one-time forecast of results of the game via SMS. It is very easy and does not require large expends.
But the surest way to win is to continue playing, analyze your bets and the results of sports competitions. And never lose faith in victory. For example, one of the jackpot’s winners, Violet Wandaho Gato, continued betting for two years, until she became a millionaire.

Why is it important to spend jackpot amount wisely. The story of Samuel Abisai

Get a bonus register for Sportpesa

Samuel Abisai is the one of the most famous winners of the Sportpesa jackpot. He became a millionaire at age of 28. Since it happened when he was so young, he quickly spent the capital on something that does not bring income. Because Abisai didn’t expected, that big money is a big responsibility. For example, bought an expensive car. Spent a lot on gifts for a new girlfriend. As a result, in a short time, his life returned to its previous level, which was slightly different from the standard of living, before winning the jackpot. The main mistake of Abisay was that he made a small investment. And spent the money too fast.
It is very important that Sportpesa supports its winners. And that gives them basic financial advice about investments and lucrative expenses. For example, their financial recommendations in first help to pause public activities after winning and learn more about investments in various sectors of the economy.

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